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While it might be great to fantasize about big castles owned by the Hatfield surname, alas there is none of that here. Hatfield Manor existed as a manor house to the crown of which many of us were servants to, and later it was made even more extravagant by Sir Robert Cecil (no relation). So while our earliest little town had an awesome royal decoration built with Hatfield blood in the mortar, what was truly spectacular were those who lived there and took upon them the Hatfield surname and it's those that are well worth bragging about. We had seen the trials and tribulations of the turning of the royal families, we had faced plague and famine, and we were hunted down for our religious beliefs.

These are the stories of the Hatfields of Hertfordshire and Yorkshire, their travels to the new world, and migrations throughout the states. My name is Wilson Hatfield, son of Carl Dean Sr., son of Earl Belmont, son of Lucien G., son of Irvin N., son of James Lindsay, son of Elias, son of William, son of Abraham Jr, son of Abraham Sr., son of Mathias M., son of Thomas Sr. who first stepped on US soil in 1645 with many other Puritans of the New Haven Colony.

Note on any DNA objections: I won't accept them. This is the genealogy of the Hatfield Family. It may have DNA variations due to step children, illegitimate children, or love children. When a family grows up together under the same roof, and usually the same name, they are family. So please don't waste your time sending me emails about who Abraham may have been sleeping with on the side, how someone's haplogroup is different than another, etc. Such emails will go unanswered. I've studied the DNA haplogroups thoroughly and can already see a few discrepancies which make the data even more inaccurate than reading from the back of family bibles. Haplogroups at best can tell you your ethnicity, but it's YOU who knows who your family is. Hope you enjoy our site.

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